Rider of the Mist

Who ever loved, that loved not at first sight?

27 July 1992

A bit about Ninyhime <3 A bit about Mimi ^.^=
Hi there, minna!
Hajimemashite! Ninyhime desu~

Welcome to this LiveJournal, which was created mainly to have fun with Mimi (my 9 years old little sister, my fandom has started to rub off on her ^^).

I guess it's obviously obvious, but I'll say it just in case : I am a complete Arashi addict! In fact, I must confess I'm a hopeless fangirl, spending what little pocket money I have on all sorts of useless but nonetheless must-have goodies (I'm a poor, poor 17 student T.T)...

I started joining forums and communities to share my Japan addiction with people who wouldn't look at me with huuge, bewildered eyes, and actually understand what I babble about instead of laughing at me (yes, at that time, I used to feel pretty frustated not being able to share my fandom! lol).
Mimi: Yeah, you're Japan obsessed! Hihihihi...*dances around ninyhime and sings*Japan obsessed, Japan obsessed~
Okay, okay, I freely admit it : i AM Japan obsessed. So, anyway, I started to watch dramas to improve my understanding of Japanese (which I try my best to learn by myself), and when I saw MatsuJun in Hana Yori Dango, he wouldn't get out of my head...*kyaaah!* Ahem. Anyway, this lead me to Arashi, and since then, it's a deep, endless rabu...

Well, that's it, I guess. More about me? Uhm...I'm French (and I intend to practise my English here ^^ yoroshiku ne~), I love chocolate (especially when dipping strawberries in it!Yum~), I love every kind of music except US rap and RnB, and I really enjoy reading and writing, and, and...and if there's anything you still wonder about, then feel free to ask!

Oh, and since you're wandering on this journal, have fun!

Photobucket Hello everyone~

I'm Mimi, and from now on, I'm going to help my big sister on this journal!

*Ninyhime: what a help, I'm the one who has to translate everything from French ^^"*

That's not true ! ...Okay, it is. A little. But anyway, the journal was created for fun, and we'll have a lot more fun if it's the two of us together ^^

I was introduced to Arashi by Ninyhime, and my favorite member is Oh-Chan ( I love calling him Nono ^^ <3), because he is soo cute when he says "eeeeeh!?!" in Uta no Onii-san! ~Odocha no ChaChaCha~...The best song ever!^^

I like Jdramas with Arashi members, I've watched Hanadan 1 too and Jun is so funny. Ninyhime: Oh yeah. I had such a hard time looking for French subs...and I never got thanked for the hard work! *cries*
Oh no, don't cry...alright. THANK YOU! Here. Feel better? Ninyhime : *nods*.

Yosha! Okay, see you around the journal then! Mata ne~


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